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YANICK AUMOND is a Canadian Experiencer who currently resides in Quebec. He has two college degrees in mining and currently works for a gold exploration company as a mining cartographer. He holds private CE-5 gatherings for people who are interested in knowing more about the ET phenomena; helping them in their own awakening process.

He has been an Experiencer since the age of 3 years old, though things stopped while he going to school. Soon after college, uncontrolled events started happening. From visions, to ET's, UFO's,  Angelic experiences to psychic predictions, remote viewing, communications with the afterlife and possible ET abductions. He believes that he has been blessed with the chance to live out these experiences.

ET’s, Angels And Everything In Between

Yanick's presentation is about his experiences in chronological format; the incidents that lead to his awakening as an Experiencer. They range from psychic and paranormal experiences to full blown UFO's flying low over his head to have his very own parents start having experiences. He has gain insight into how the Others manipulate/move Experiencers like pieces on a Chess Board; moved around strategically to meet people who need awakening!