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DANIELLE HOLLOWAY-WEEMS, known simply as "-i-" (pronounced like eye), is an artist, poet, writer, speaker and intuitive from Oakland, California. As a lifetime experiencer born to parents who were also experiencers of the other-worldly and unexplainable she set out to find as much truth as she could to help others like herself who might also be looking for answers.

Sometimes We Glow and Grab Their Attention: A Look At The Overlapping Experiences
By: "-i-"

When the lights come on… but we aren’t the ones who flipped the switch, what we see can be shocking or difficult to explain. Is it ghosts? Aliens? UFO’s? Angels? Demons? Government experiments? None of the above? Or……. All of them simultaneously? Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves and others is to share our experiences no matter the range or scope. Sometimes the paranormal/ supernatural touches the interplanetary/ interdimensional without us understanding the rhyme or reason. Sometimes what we see is simply what was already in the “room” when the “lights” were out.